Why Donate?Share The Experience Of Motherhood

Egg donors are very special women, who take time out of their lives to help others. For some people facing infertility, an egg donor provides their only hope of having a child. There are many reasons why women donate their eggs. Many have experienced the joys of motherhood and wish for others to have it. Others have a friend or family member who has had trouble falling pregnant in the past and know the devastation and frustration this can bring. Whatever the reason, donating your eggs to another couple is truly an act of kindness and is the ultimate gift that you could ever give.

Egg donors have no financial or legal responsibility to any child conceived through the use of their donated eggs, and reimbursement will be given for reasonable expenses once the cycle has been completed.

Why are egg donors needed?

There are various reasons people may need to use donor eggs:

  • When a woman has premature ovarian failure, a condition in which menopause has started much earlier than usual
  • Where multiple unsuccessful IVF cycles have been undertaken and egg quality is found to be poor
  • For genetic  disorders where the female partner carries a gene defect which can be passed down to offspring
  • When a woman is born without ovaries
  • When cancer treatment has affected the ovaries

Why donate donor eggs